Collection: Ocarina Tablature Fonts


Write your own songs and arrangements for ocarina!

These tablature diagrams make it easy to type out songs from your own computer keyboard, even if you don't read standard musical notation. The diagrams act as a little "map" of the ocarina, showing you what holes to cover to sound the various notes.


Personalize your project with these stylized fonts:

Standard--The easiest tablature style for beginning ocarina players. The windway and thumb holes are represented on every diagram to keep the player oriented correctly to the ocarina.

Minimal--A clean tablature style that eliminates visual clutter. The thumb holes are only referenced when they are uncovered, and the windway marker has been eliminated.

Sketchbook--A fun, casual tablature style that looks hand drawn.


Enjoy these Bonus Features:

These downloadable ocarina font sets contain an extended set of tablature diagrams not available with other ocarina fonts, including:

  • Notes from the basic ocarina scale
  • Sharped and flatted notes
  • Rest symbols to create visual space during long pauses in the song
  • Overblown and underblown note symbols to slightly extend the range of the ocarina
  • Bonus unassigned symbols that you can use to represent whatever musical element you choose


Easy Installation Instructions are Included with your Digital Download


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