6-Hole Pendant Ocarina Font, "Sketchbook"

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Write your own songs or arrangements for 6-hole pendant-style ocarina. These tablature diagrams make it easy to type out songs from your own computer keyboard, even if you don't read standard musical notation. 

The "Sketchbook" ocarina font is styled to look like hand-drawn diagrams to add a creative flair to your songwriting. Each note has two different font images, and the font automatically toggles between the two images randomly to add even more authenticity to its hand-drawn appearance. (Like the "Minimal" font, the thumbholes are not referenced unless they are uncovered, in order to create an uncluttered look.)

This downloadable ocarina font set contains an EXTENDED SET OF TABLATURE DIAGRAMS, which include:

  • Notes from the basic ocarina scale
  • Sharped and flatted notes
  • Rest symbols to create visual space during long pauses in the song
  • Overblown and underblown note symbols to slightly extend the range of the ocarina
  • Bonus unassigned symbols that you can use to represent whatever musical element you choose

The downloaded folder includes:

  • The "Sketchbook" ocarina font
  • An easy reference chart explaining the symbols and their uses
  • Simple instructions for installing the font
  • The EULA (End User License Agreement)

Note: The download arrives to you via email as a zipped folder. You will need to extract the files from the zipped folder before you can install the font. This can be done by right-clicking on the zipped folder, then choosing "Extract all" from the menu choices.

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