Wooden Concert Noseflute

Grover-Trophy Music Co.



For the serious Noseflautist, our Concert Noseflute is made entirely of wood which produces a very resonant acoustical tone. Finally our Noseflautists can be appreciated as the serious musicians that they most certainly are!

The noseflute is also sometimes referred to as the "Humanatone."

Playing Tips: The Nose Flute is played by holding the instrument over your nose and mouth and blowing through your nose to create the sound. The mouth becomes the sound chamber, amplifying the sound. Changing the shape of your mouth will alter the tone and pitch. With a little practice, entire songs can be played on these fun little instruments!

For the Noseflute Enthusiast: Be sure to check out Noseflute.org for all things historical and trivial related to this phenomenal instrument, including the prestigious Noseflute Hall of Fame. 

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