Songs from the Legend of Zelda Songbook for Pendant-Style Ocarinas

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This song book is written for pendant-style ocarinas which have 4-6 tone holes and features songs from the popular video game, The Legend of Zelda. In the game, the playable character uses a magic ocarina to complete his quests.

Song selections include Intro to Ocarina of Time, Sun's Song, Kokiri Forest, Saria's Song, Termina Field, Minuet of Forest, Serenade of Water, Bolero of Fire, Song of Healing, Song of Time, Zelda's Lullaby, The Market Song, Kakariko Village, Deku Palace, Epona's Song, Koume and Kotaki, The Great Fairy Song, Forest Haven, Clocktown Song, Lakeside Laboratory, Music Box House, Dragon Roost Island, Pirate's Cove, Evan's Room, Sad Spirits, Kaepora's Song, Bremen Mask March, Crimea's Wagon, Shop Song, Sonata of Awakening, Prelude of Light, Elegy of Emptiness, Requiem of Spirit, Ballad of Gales, Song of Storms, Gerudo Valley.

All songs are written in ocarina tablature, a form of instrument diagram, rather than musical notation, so that reading music is not necessary to play the songs. (Having fore-knowledge of how the songs sound is highly recommended, however, as tablature does not communicate rhythm very well.)

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