Snark SN-6X Clip-On Tuner for Ukulele

Chesbro Music Co.



BEST-SELLER! The new and improved Snark SN6X tuner features:

  • Full Color, High Definition Display
  • Display that rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
  • Vibration sensor for tuning in loud environments
  • Faster processing chip for quick and accurate tuning
  • Frequency range tailored to ukuleles of all sizes
  • Chromatic tuning capability includes all sharps and flats for alternate tunings, and for tuning most other instruments
  • Easy and versatile "stay-put" clamp can be used on front or back of headstock

To Use: Easy one-button operation. Place anywhere on the headstock. The SN5X senses the vibration of the strings through the instrument, so it does not need to hear the tone. Works great on stage or in noisy places. The Full COLOR bright display indicates the note you are playing. The screen turns red when flat, yellow when sharp, and green when your instrument is in tune.

Uses one CR2032 battery. Battery and instructions included.

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