Rainstick, Authentic Cactus

Grover-Trophy Music Co.



Rainsticks were used by ancient cultures to serenade the spirits to bring about rain storms. Our handmade Rainsticks are made following the method used by these native people. Dead cactus plants are cut into sticks of various lenghts. The needles of the dead cactus plant are cut off, turned around and then pushed back into the cactus. The pieces of the cactus are then allowed to totally dry out. One end of the stick is then plugged with wood and small pebbles are poured into the hollow cactus tube. The remaining end is then plugged.

  • Authentically hand made from cactus in the tradition manner
  • Finished with a colorful cloth accent piece (actual colors may vary)
  • Soothing, natural sound that imitates the patter of rainfall
  • The sound can be intensified by ajusting the angle of the instrument

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