Mini Chimalong®

Woodstock Chimes



The Mini Chimalong is a cross between a xylophone and a windchime! It borrows the hollow tube design from windchimes, which gives its tone a sweet and gentle bell-like quality.

The clever easel design of the attached songbook allows both the player and their audience to view the song lyrics at the same time for a sing-along. To play a melody from the songbook, simply match the color of each note with the colors beneath each tube. Older children can use the same system, but with the tube numbers instead. What a great introduction to music concepts!

  • This travel-sized instrument is a smaller version of the full-sized Chimalong®
  • Includes an attached, spiral-bound, beautifully illustrated songbook
  • Sweet bell-like sound and note sustain like a windchime
  • Folds down easily for traveling. Mallet included. 
  • Many more songs are available for download below
  • Ages 3+

The Mini Chimalong is a multi award winner:
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Winner
National Association of Parenting Award Winner
Creative Child Preferred Choice Award

Watch Woodstock Chimes founder Garry Kvistad introduce and play the Chimalong.

> View or Download the Mini Chimalong Songbook

> Download Additional Songs to Play on your Mini Chimalong!

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