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Mel-O-Dee Balls™ (Melody Squeeze Balls)

Mel-O-Dee Balls™ (Melody Squeeze Balls)

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Mel-O-Dee Balls™ are a fun and easy way to introduce children to music at home or in the classroom!

Mel-O-Dee Balls™ are an accurately tuned C to C 8 ball set, individually colored and note marked, so that virtually anyone can learn to play.  They produce musical tones when squeezed, helping to build strength and dexterity through the squeezing motion it takes to play them. Mel-O-Dee Balls™ can be used by people with intellectual and developmental impairment to develop sensorimotor skills, social skills, and creativity.  

Bonus for music teachers:  The colors used on Mel-O-Dee Balls™ are the same as many of the very popular tuned percussion tubes made by several different manufacturers, meaning that the squeek balls can fit right in with how you might be using the tubes already!


  • 8 individually colored and note marked squeak balls
  • 3 Sound-to-color music cards, with 6 songs familiar to everyone.

For ages 3 and up.

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