Master Works Bowed Psaltery, Spruce

Master Works



The Bowed Psaltery is a member of the zither family, and is played by resting it on your forearm and running a bow across one of its thirty strings. The strings running along its right side represent the white keys of a piano, while those on the left represent the black keys, or the sharp and flat notes.

Master Works Psalteries have a logically located “fingerhole” in the upper back to insure safe and comfortable control as you play or transport your beautiful new Psaltery. Each instrument is carefully inspected for accurate hitch pin height to insure smooth movements of the bow from note to note. Thirty strings with varying gauges provide strong consistent tone throughout its fully chromatic range of F above middle C to the third Bb above middle C. 

The face and sides of this bowed psaltery are made from spruce, which is a favorite tonewood among instrument builders, and the back is made from alder.

Each instrument comes with a tuning wrench, string gauge chart and tuning scheme, rosin, and a bow made of real Mongolian horsehair, and includes a 2 year limited warranty. Made in the USA.

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