Learn-to-Play Harmonica

Schylling Inc.



Our Learn-To Play Harmonica is perfect for the beginner because it has the names of the notes printed right over each hole. A great teaching tool! This colorful harmonica is kid-friendly with its smooth and rounded "no-snag" design. Just like a standard harmonica, it features 10 holes, but is slightly smaller making it the perfect pocket-sized instrument for a child. 

Each hole of a harmonica can play two different notes, depending on whether you are blowing air out or drawing air in. This instrument displays both notes over the correct hole, along with arrows showing you which note you get by blowing air out and which note you get by drawing air in. 

Tuned in the key of C, this harmonica sounds great for any style of music. It's volume is also slightly lower than a standard harmonica, making it easy on the ears.

  • KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN – Pocket-sized and no-snagging with big, smooth edges
  • A GREAT TEACHING TOOL – Colorful tin with easy-to-read chart printed right on harmonica
  • SLIGHTLY LOWER VOLUME – Not as loud as other harmonicas, so this is a great instrument for sudden, impromptu house concerts in the living room
  • POPULAR SIZE AND KEY – 10-hole harmonica, tuned to the key of C. Measures 4" x 1.25" x .75" inches

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