Jaw Harp, Austrian

Grover-Trophy Music Co.



Handmade and individually tuned, these jaw harps from Austria sound great and are easier to play than cheaper jaw harps due to a more flexible metal tine. Our Austrian Jaw Harps feature sturdy, all-metal construction and are available in three pitches. Basic instructions are included on the back of the package. 

The jaw harp is also referred to as the mouth harp, Ozark harp, or Jew's harp, although it has no historical connection to Jews or Judaism. 

Playing Tips:  The jaw harp is played by placing the long arms of the frame firmly against the musician's parted teeth or lips and plucking the reed. The mouth acts as a resonating chamber, greatly increasing the volume of the instrument. The tone can be varied by changing the shape of the mouth, the position of the tongue, the direction and force of airflow, as well as by altering the plucking  or "strumming" pattern of the metal tine. 

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