Hohner 32-Key Melodica, Black

Robin Jay Music & Gifts



The melodica is a cross between a piano keyboard and a harmonica, with a mouthpiece on one end that you blow into to activate the internal metal reeds. Our melodica features:

  • 2-1/2 octave range, beginning at 'F3' below middle 'C' and ending at 'C6'
  • Smooth, responsive keyboard with a rich, full tone
  • Includes deluxe padded carrying case, standard mouthpiece, flexible blowing-tube mouthpiece extender (allowing it to be played with two hands on a flat surface)

Also known as the pianica or wind piano, it is considered a "free reed" instrument, related to the accordion. The melodica is a polyphonic instrument, meaning several notes can be played at the same time.

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