Feadóg Irish Tin Whistle, Key of D - Green

Grover-Trophy Music Co.



Our Feadóg brand tinwhistles are high quality Celtic whistles manufactured in Ireland. These 6-hole flutes are easy to play because they are end-blown and use a very simple fingering system. Common in Irish music, they are also known as Irish whistles or penny whistles. 

This whistle has a green body with a black fipple. Features include:

  • Whistle in the key of D, which is the standard key for traditional Irish music.  A D whistle also plays easily in the keys of G, Bm, and Em.
  • A brass cylindrical body. The shape of a tin whistle determines its sound. Cylindrical whistles have a pleasant and slightly breathy, or "reedy" sound quality.
  • A "tuneable" plastic fipple, or mouthpiece. The fipple on a Feadóg whistle is not glued into place, and experienced players sometimes take advantage of this feature to slightly sharpen or flatten the pitch. Consult the internet to learn the technique for this.
  • An accurately tuned, two octave range.
  • Easy to follow instructions and an international fingering guide.

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