Recording King RK-U25-BR Madison Banjo Ukulele

Harris-Teller Inc.


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Combining everything that players love about the ukulele with the crisp sound of a banjo, the Recording King banjo ukulele (or banjolele) is a unique instrument that you'll love. The maple neck and maple rim give it a bright tone with great projection, and the coordinator rod and 10 brackets are a nod to classic banjo-style construction. With nickel hardware, nylon strings, a 6-1/4 inches frosted banjo head and comely satin finish, you'll appreciate the attention to detail on this unusual instrument. With both banjo and ukulele representing some of the fastest-growing segments of stringed instrument players, our banjo ukulele offers enthusiasts the best of both worlds. The Recording King Banjo Ukulele makes a striking statement and appeals to players of all levels.

  • Maple Neck
  • Single Coordinator Rod
  • Laminated Maple Rim
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 10 Brackets

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